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Holtek HT66FW2230 Has Been Approved by WPC Qi V1.2.3 Certificate

Datetime:2017-08-22 22:22:10    Views:373

盛群HT66FW2230通过WPC Qi V1.2.3认证

The HT66FW2230 is a dedicated MCU for wireless charging transmitters. It integrates high-resolution frequency control and current measurement circuits that are key to wireless power control. It also integrates signal demodulation and decoding circuits for the WPC communication protocol of the Wireless Power Consortium, effectively simplifying The external application circuit implements the SoC (System on Chip) architecture, which can adjust the software parameters according to the special specifications of the product and match the external parts to achieve the goal of product differentiation.

The reference design scheme of HT66FW2230 has passed the certification of the latest version V1.2.3 of the Wireless Power Consortium WPC. The certification content includes power transmission control, communication protocol, metal foreign object detection, and product compatibility testing. This reference design scheme provides a demo board and a complete Develop data to accelerate mass production of customer products.

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