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Rohs CE BM22S518 Wall Mounted PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Module for LED Light Switch Control

The BM22S518XXX human body sensor is developed based on passive infrared detection technology and consists of an optical lens (Fresnel lens), a passive infrared sensor (PIR Sensor) and a control circuit. By sensing the movement of the human body in the coverage area and triggering the circuit to be turned on or off, the control of the external load circuit is realized. Widely used in intelligent light control, garden lights, security alarm systems, ventilation systems, automatic doors, visitor notifications, etc.
Human body sensor lighting automatic control area:
When someone enters the sensing range of the sensor, the sensor detects changes in the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the switch automatically turns on . After the person leaves the sensing range, the switch delays and automatically turns off . Make the lights turn on when people arrive, and turn off the lights when people leave, safe and energy-saving

1. Product Features:

◆ Optional AC110v or AC220v power supply;
◆ Standby power consumption (1w);
◆ Sensitivity, light sensitivity and delay time can be manually adjusted;
◆ Induction range level 180° /12 m;
◆ Protection grade ip 65;

◆ Meet CE / UL Standard

2. Product Applications:

◆ Intelligent light control;
◆ Courtyard, garden lights;

◆ Security alarm system;
◆ Ventilation system;
◆ Automatic door;
◆ Access control reminder


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