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CPU Features

• Operating voltage
  ♦♦ fSYS= 32kHz ~ 20MHz: 4.5V~5.5V
• Up to 0.2μs instruction cycle with 20MHz system clock at VDD=5V
• Power down and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
• Oscillator types
  ♦♦ Internal High Speed 20MHz RC – HIRC
  ♦♦ Internal Low Speed 32kHz RC – LIRC
• Internal oscillators require no external components
• Multi-mode operation: NORMAL, SLOW, IDLE and SLEEP
• All instructions executed in 1~3 instruction cycles
• Table read instructions
• 115 powerful instructions
• 8-level subroutine nesting

• Bit manipulation instruction

Peripheral Features

• Flash Program Memory: 4K×16
• RAM Data Memory: 256×8
• Watchdog Timer function
• 18 bidirectional I/O lines
• Five pin-shared external interrupt inputs – H1, H2, H3, NFIN and INT1
• Multiple Timer Modules for time measurement, input capture, compare match output, PWM output or single pulse output function
• Single 16-bit Capture Timer Module for motor protection
• Three 10-bit PWM generators, supporting edge/center aligned mode
• 6+1 channel 12-bit resolution A/D converter
• Operational Amplifier function for current detection
• 8-bit D/A Converter and Comparator function with interrupt generation
• Time-Base function for generation of fixed time interrupt signals
• Low voltage reset function
• Low voltage detect function
• Package type: 16-pin NSOP, 20-pin SSOP

General Description

The HT66FM5242 is a Flash Memory 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontroller, which includes a host of fully integrated special features specifically designed for brushless DC motor applications.
In addition to the advantages of low power consumption and I/O flexibility, the device also includes multiple and extremely flexibile Timer Modules, internal oscillators, multi-channel A/D converter, D/A converter, Operational Amplifiers, Pulse Width Modulation function, 16-bit Capture Timer Module function, comparator function, Motor Protect Module, Hall sensor position detect function, Time Base function, Low Voltage Reset, Low Voltage Detect, power-down and wake-up functions.

Although especially designed for brushless DC motor applications, the enhanced versatility of this device also makes it applicable for use in a wide range of A/D application possibilities such as sensor signal processing, motor driving, consumer products, subsystem controllers, ect,.


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