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1. General Description

The SSG309 is a complete GPS engine module that features super sensitivity, ultra low power and small form factor. The GPS signal is applied to the antenna input of module, and a complete serial data message with position, velocity and time information is presented at the serial interface with NMEA protocol or custom protocol. It is based on the high performance features of the MediaTek SSG309 single-chip architecture, Its –165dBm tracking sensitivity extends positioning coverage into place like urban canyons and dense foliage environment where the GPS was not possible before. The small form factor and low power consumption make the module easy to integrate into portable device like PNDs, mobile phones, cameras and vehicle navigation systems.

2. Applications

 LBS (Location Based Service)
 PND (Portable Navigation Device)
 Vehicle navigation system
 Mobile phone

3. FeaturesFeatures

 Ultra higUltra high sensitivity: h sensitivity: --161655dBmdBm
 Extremely fast TTFF at low signal levelExtremely fast TTFF at low signal level
 BuiltBuilt--in 12 multiin 12 multi--tone active interference cancellertone active interference canceller
 Ultra low power consumption Ultra low power consumption
 ±10ns high accuracy time pulse (1PPS)±10ns high accuracy time pulse (1PPS)
 Support QZSSSupport QZSS
 Advanced Features: Aiding EPO;EASYAdvanced Features: Aiding EPO;EASY
 Small form factor: 10Small form factor: 10..11 xx 9.7 x 2.29.7 x 2.2mmmm
 FCC complianceFCC compliance
 CE certificatedCE certificated

 RoHS RoHS certificatedcertificated (Lead(Lead--free)free)


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