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  The Holtek HT73Hxx series is a set of low power consumption high voltage regulator implemented in a BCD technology, which ensures low voltage drop and low quiescent current. They allow input voltages as high as 40V. They are available with several fixed output voltages ranging from 2.1V to 5.0V.

The soft start function controls the output slew rate to prevent the overshooting phenomenon when power on. The enable pin, CE, accepts CMOS level as logic input. When CE goes low, a fast discharging path pulls output voltage low a via 300Ω resistor. The internally output over current protection prevents the HT73Hxx from being burned even if the output node shorts to ground. The over temperature protection ensures that the junction temperature will not exceed 150°C. The soft start function inhibits the output overshooting when power on.

* Low power consumption

* Low voltage drop

* Low temperature coefficient

* High input voltage (up to 40V)

* Output voltage accuracy: tolerance ±1.5%

* Soft start function

* Over current protection

* Over temperature protection

* Package types: 3-pin SOT89, 5-pin SOT89/SOT23, 8-pin SOP-EP


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