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Winter Savior - Whirlpool AI Health Air Conditioning Warm Listing !

Datetime:2018-12-06 17:55:21    Views:612

  This week, many places will experience cliff-like cooling, and the temperature will reach the lowest point in the near future. Even the warm Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places will also encounter cold magic attacks. The people of the north can rely on heating to survive, while the people of the south can only rely on upright ? It has to be said that air conditioning is really the greatest invention in human history, saving hundreds of millions of people in the cold and heat. 
  If it 's still a ' talking ' air conditioner, it 's almost heavenly. 
  Imagine : lying in bed, just say ' turn on the air conditioning ', air conditioning will automatically open, rather than need to rummage in the cold air remote control ; the time to turn on the air conditioner at home cannot be delayed for one second. Just say ' turn on the air conditioner ', and the warm wind begins to fill the whole room. Lazy on the sofa, brushing the drama while issuing instructions to the air conditioner, it will be obedient. 
  Recently, Whirlpool, a large household appliance manufacturer in the world, launched an AI health air conditioner. This air conditioner is equipped with advanced technologies such as intelligent speech recognition, wifi intelligent cloud control, intelligent control of temperature and humidity, and natural wind sensation. This winter allows you to live with dignity and no longer fear the cold.


  Among them. Whirlpool AI Health Air Conditioning is equipped with the industry 's first artificial intelligence voice chip CI1006 developed by ChipIntelli. It does not need to be connected to the Internet and does not need APP to have a very good human-computer voice interaction experience. You just say ' Hello air conditioning. turn on the air conditioning, ', ' too cold / too hot ', ' left and right sweep ', etc., the air conditioning will immediately execute the corresponding instructions. Switch air conditioning. adjust the mode, adjust the temperature, adjust the volume, nearly a hundred command words, accurate recognition speech. understand your every command. And in the home environment can meet the farthest 10 meters away, the speech recognition rate of up to 95 %, play air conditioning, easy to handle.

  As the first brand of voice chip in the field of smart home appliances, ChipIntelli 's product CI1006 has become the best-performing, most popular and most widely used voice chip in this field. In the future, ChipIntelli will continue to deeply cultivate intelligent voice interaction technology, adhere to technological innovation, provide users with high-performance, cost-effective intelligent voice solutions, boost more intelligent voice products in more application scenarios Business landing, together with partners to paint a more colorful AI intelligent life blueprint.